Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iklan Raya Astro – Kisah Aaron Aziz

Tontoni Kisah Raya Aaron Aziz pada zaman remajanya. Adakah ia jauh berbeza dengan kehidupannya yang sudah berumahtangga sekarang?

Bagaimana dengan raya anda?

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What do you love most about your hometown?

Whether it’s the food, people or the view, Astro Myhometown will help you remember what is it you love about your hometown!

Sing along with Liyana Fizi and OJ Law in the interactive My Hometown Adventure music video to bring back memories of good times past. You can also watch short films by young filmmakers about their hometowns, and be inspired by their visions.

Tune in, sing along and take a trip down memory lane with Astro Myhometown now!

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MAD – Victore Closet – Portable and Foldable Multifunction Laptop Table

[71% OFF] RM55 instead of RM190 for Portable & Foldable Multifunction Laptop Table from Victore Closet

First world pains: you’re surfing the internet in bed, but the laptop is burning your lap, and putting the laptop on the bed is not an option either. With the portable and foldable multifunction laptop table from Victore Closet, you can now use your laptop anywhere your heart desires!

For only RM55, get this amazing laptop table for 71% off!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Add this to your must-haves this Raya!

Raya is just around the corner, and The Cube has all you need for a festive season like no other!

Whether you’re looking for lively Ramadan tunes, want to meet new friends or looking for something to send your greetings and wishes to loved ones, The Cube has it all.

Check out The Cube to get amazing content to fit your celebratory mood!

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